flesl.net paired stories: dictagloss (Wangari Maathai)

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• Dictagloss Activity for ‘Wangari Maathai’

text 1

1: Wangari still remembers how she loved an old fig tree growing by her family’s house.

2: Her mother believed the tree was sacred and didn’t allow Wangari to eat the figs or even to touch the twigs that fell to the ground.

3: When she returned from the US, she was shocked to find that not only had her beloved fig tree disappeared, but so had all the other trees.

text 2

1: While helping her husband in his election campaign, Wangari got involved in politics

2: She learned a lot about the difficult lives of poor and uneducated people.

3: She tried to help them by finding them work making their villages healthier and more beautiful.

possible grammar points

1: growing by her family’s house (reduced adjective clause)

2: even to touch the twigs that fell to the ground (“even” for emphasis)

3: not only had ... but (meaning of “not only”; inversion of verb and auxiliary)

4: so had all the other trees (“so” as pro-verb)

5: while helping (non-finite version of “while she was helping”)

6: got involved

7: finding them work (“find” as ditransitive)

8: work making... (reduced adjective clause, from “work which made...”)