flesl.net paired stories: vocabulary review (Wangari Maathai)

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• vocabulary review activity for ‘Wangari Maathai’


• Below are ten sentences taken from English-language newspapers. In each sentence there is a blank space indicating a missing word. Some of the sentences are preceded by an explanatory comment in italics.

• In the right-hand column is a list of ten words taken from the “Wangari Maathai” text.

• Fill each of the blank spaces with the correct form of one of these words. (You may have to change the word into a plural or into another verb form. In one case an auxiliary must be used to create the passive voice.)

the sentences

1. We were worried that subways and bridges might be closed so protesters couldn’t get downtown; and that the alerts would scare sympathisers into staying home for fear of being ________________ or peppersprayed or locked up.

2. Human beings are essentially selfish, ________________, competitive, individualistic, and generally unpleasant.

3. Suspicious Cuban authorities often regarded the building with some justification, as a hotbed of espionage plots to support ________________ and undermine the government of President Fidel Castro.

4. A “ghost ship” carrying hundreds of migrants ________________ on Friday by its crew of smugglers in dangerous seas off the coast of southern Italy..

5. In Sana, airstrike targets included an encampment of an ________________ military unit that has sided with the Houthis, located in the hills near the presidential palace, witnesses said.

6. These animals are the ancestors of modern amphibians such as ________________, and are believed by paleontologists to have lived at the same time the dinosaurs began their dominance.

7. If we don’t challenge the xenophobic, Islamophobic bigots and racists, we will allow them and opportunistic politicians to divide and weaken us; ________________ our self-confidence; and distract us from the debilitating challenges of an anemic economy, amid relentless mechanization and globalization.

8. Up to 150 property owners in Richmond, BC will be interested to know that a controversial jet-________________ pipeline is coming by their property.

9. We have incessantly ________________ violence and encouraged peace, not simply as a responsive measure but because those are our core religious beliefs.

10. Greek and German finance ministers ________________ at debt relief talks.