Wangari Maathai :: multiple choice quiz

(1) Wangari

loved eating the figs that grew on the tree in her family’s yard

always carefully cleaned up the twigs that fell from the family’s fig tree

ate figs from the family fig tree but only because her mother insisted

was not allowed to eat the figs from the family’s fig tree

(2) When Wangari returned to her home town all the trees around it had been cut down

by logging companies

by real estate developers

by tea planters

by ordinary people who needed firewood

(3) Wangari got part of her university education

in the US

in Canada

in Great Britain

in Nigeria

(4) Wangari’s husband was

a politician

a university professor

an environmentalist

a farmer

(5) AThe people Wangari worked with in her Green Belt Movement were mainly

students from the University of Nairobi

volunteer workers from Europe

unemployed men and women from large cities

illiterate women

(6) In Africa, wood is mainly used for


paper making



(7) Wangari got into trouble with the police when she tried to plant trees on land

that had been cleared for a football stadium

that had been cleared for a low cost housing project

that had been cleared for a luxury housing project

that had been cleared for a tea plantation

(8) After Wangari was elected to parliament she

decided she agreed with what the government was doing

continued to disagree with the government but remained silent

accepted the President’s gift of a large farm

continued to openly criticize the government