Wangari Maathai :: vocabulary quiz

• abandon

1: must be protected because it is loved by a god or gods

• clash

2: very thin branch of a tree

• club

3: what rainstorms and rivers can do to earth

• denounce

4: small animal that lives in or near water, lays eggs, jumps well

• dissident

5: die from hunger

• elite

6: very poor area of a city

• erode

7: give up, stop doing something; leave someone in a helpless condition

• frog

8: used for hitting people or animals

• fuel

9: used for cooking, keeping warm, operating vehicles

• greedy

10: unable to read or write

• illiterate

11: comes from a plant; grows into a new plant

• replenish

12: not many or much

• reverse

13: put things back where they have been destroyed, used up, or taken away

• sacred

14: always wanting more

• scarce

15: move in the opposite direction

• seed

16: rich powerful people at the top of a society

• slum

17: someone who openly disagrees with government policy

• starve

18: say—often publicly and officially—that something or someone is bad

• stream

19: like a river, but smaller

• twig

20: get into a fight or battle with