Background on “Occupy Wall Street”

• On September 17, 2011 around 1000 protesters marched through the financial district of New York City. They were protesting against the increasing inequalities of wealth in the US where 1% of the population now controls 40% of the wealth. They were also protesting against the role that banks and other financial institutions have played in creating this situation.

• Most of the protesters went home at the end of the day but between 100 and 200 set up camp in Zuccotti park, sleeping in tents or cardboard boxes. That was the beginning of the “Occupy Wall Street” camp. Within a few weeks similar camps had been set up in cities all over the world.

• The campers remained in the park until they were forcibly evicted by the police on the night of November 15. Many of the campers were arrested at this time. Former campers and their supporters have continued to protest by marching through the city’s streets, however, and the “Occupy” movement has continued in other parts of the world.

note: There is a long and wide-ranging Wikpedia article on “Occupy Wall Street” with links to several hundred media sources in the bibliography.