Chelsea Manning 13: :: multiple choice quiz

(1) The man who was injured in the first attack and can be seen trying to crawl to safety was

a CIA agent

an Iranian spy

a photographer

an English teacher

(2) According to the local police, the helicopter attacks were

an attempt by the US Army to rescue a Humvee

a random attack by the US Army

a diversionary tactic

a terrible mistake

(3) According to the article, Chelsea’s remarks on “Icesave” show that despite being naïve she

had retained a strong sense of justice

had lost her desire to speak out against injustice

had become confused since uploading the SIGACT tables

build it was impossible for and individual to change history

(4) According to Reuters, the photographers’ cameras were

crushed by tanks

quickly returned to Reuters

turned over to the Iraqi police

confiscated by the US Army

(5) When WikiLeaks published the “Icesave” cable, Chelsea realized that

they had never received the SIGACT tables

they would never publish the SIGACT tables

they had received the SIGACT tables

they would publish the SIGACT tables

(6) About half of the men seen to be shot in the Baghdad video were apparently carrying



telephoto lenses


(7) The “Icesave” crisis began when

US government refused to help Iceland

British government froze Icelandic accounts

British banks collapsed

Icelandic banks collapsed

(8) The Apache helicopter fires on the van

after the injured man has been put inside

as soon as it arrives on the scene

as soon as the two men jump out

while the two men are carrying the injured man to the van