Chelsea Manning 14: :: multiple choice quiz

(1) What Chelsea found especially disturbing in the Baghdad Video was

the fact that the crew mistook a telephoto lens for a weapon

the fact that the people trying to rescue the injured man were killed

the audio comments of the crew

the injuries to the children in the van

(2) As one of the Bradleys approaches the disabled van it

drives over a dead body

begins shooting at the van

it is shot at by insurgents

sets off a land mine

(3) Chelsea accuses the crew of not valuing human life because they call the people they killed

filthy pigs


dead bastards


(4) After first seeing the Baghdad Video, Chelsea

spent a great deal of time discussing it with other analysts

did research to find out what the background was

posted her reaction on YouTube

sent an e-mail to her boyfriend asking his opinion

(5) When the helicopter crew learn there are injured children in the van, one says

“Oh no! What have we done?”

“It serves them right for bringing children into battle.”

“We had no choice.”

“Don’t worry. No one will ever know.”

(6) When the Army was pressed to show the video, they said they could not do so because

they were not sure it still existed

they thought it had been damaged

they needed the President’s agreement to do so

they believed it would weaken public support of the war effort

(7) Chelsea compares the soldier’s asking the wounded man to pick up a weapon to a child’s

throwing rocks at birds

cutting worms into pieces

pulling wings off flies

torturing ants with a magnifying glass

(8) According to the text, the tone of voice of one of the crew after the first engagement shows he is



full of remorse

enjoying himself