Chelsea Manning 6: :: multiple choice quiz

(1) When Chelsea returned to Crescent, she moved in with

her stepmother

her father, her stepmother, and her stepbrother

her father and her sister

her stepmother and her stepbrother

(2) According to Chelsea, when she suggested a video-uploading project, her boss, Kord

said he’d think about it

said it was an impractical idea

wouldn’t listen to her

decided to start working on Chelsea’s idea immediately

(3) The fight that ended with Chelsea’s being taken away by the police began because

her stepmother was insisting that Chelsea stop smoking

her stepmother was insisting that Chelsea go back to Wales

her stepmother was insisting that Chelsea see a psychiatrist

her stepmother was insisting that Chelsea get a job

(4) The text mentions that Chelsea and her boss discussed


science fiction stories


current events

(5) When Chelsea’s boss gave her a driving lesson, Chelsea

almost went through a stop sign

got a speeding ticket

hit a pedestrian

accidentally used the emergency brake

(6) Chelsea didn’t stay in the shelter the police took her to because

her father came and picked her up

her sister came and picked her up

the police allowed her to go to Tulsa

she ran away and drove to Washington

(7) According to the text, Chelsea dropped out of her community college course because

she found it boring

she was caught cheating on an exam

she had an argument with one of her professors

she did poorly on an exam

(8) At Susan and Brian’s house there was a rule against

eating or drinking anywhere except the kitchen

drinking Dr Pepper

smoking in the bathroom

smoking in bed