Chelsea Manning 7: :: multiple choice quiz

(1) According to the former recruit Chelsea’s outbursts were really a way of saying

I’m gay.

I want to go home.

Please help me.

Leave me alone

(2) Basic training for the US Army normally lasts

ten days

ten months

ten weeks

one year

(3) According to the former recruit, Chelsea

definitely did not have the potential to become a good soldier

possibly had the potential to become a good soldier

probably had the potential to become a good soldier

definitely had the potential to become a good soldier

(4) In her pre-trial statement Chelsea said after arriving at Fort Leonard Wood she realized she was

afraid of guns

really a racist

perfectly suited for the army

unprepared for basic training

(5) The drill sergeants started calling Chelsea “General Manning” because she

told everyone she would be a general one day

criticized their work

yelled back at them when they yelled at her

sometimes gave “orders” to other recruits

(6) Chatting on line after basic training Chelsea complained about how the other recruits





(7) When Chelsea was in basic training, gays were allowed to serve

if they didn’t engage in sexual activity

as long as they told their superior officers that they were gay

if they didn’t tell anyone they were gay

if they agreed to see a psychiatrist

(8) One reason Chelsea suffered during basic training was that she was

very fat

very thin

very short

very tall