Chelsea Manning 7 :: vocabulary quiz

• argumentative

1: manage to live with a difficult or painful situation; put up with

• bully

2: cruel or very strict; painful, unpleasant

• compromise

3: a communal toilet in a camp or barracks

• discharge

4: person who has just entered (or is entering) the army

• discipline

5: a very small and weak person or animal

• endure

6: (literally) direction in which person or thing is facing; sexual preference

• faggot

7: comical but cruel comment about someone’s weakness or behavior

• harsh

8: holding negative opinions not based on fact about someone or something

• latrine

9: recover from, conquer

• occurrence

10: increase, raise

• orientation

11: an agreement to settle a dispute (both sides soften their position)

• overcome

12: insistence on following rules or regulation; strictness

• prejudiced

13: release from the army; return of a soldier to civilian life

• recruit

14: difficult, demanding, tough

• rigorous

15: shout

• runt

16: tending to disagree with others even when not necessary

• sarcastic

17: person who habitually picks on the weak or helpless

• tantrum

18: derogatory word for male homosexual

• up

19: something that happens

• yell

20: childish behavior (screaming, stamping feet etc) caused by anger