Chelsea Manning 8: :: multiple choice quiz

(1) Chelsea said she felt more comfortable at Fort Huachuca than at Fort Leonard Wood because

the weather was better

the work was easier

she had more in common with the other soldiers

she could spend more time on the internet

(2) At Fort Drum, Chelsea was reprimanded for

contradicting a superior officer

yelling at a superior officer

insulting a superior officer

harassig a superior officer

(3) Chelsea met David House

at a hacker’s workshop

in a gay bar

on a bus to Boston

at her aunt’s house in Washington

(4) While she was at Fort Drum, Chelsea was

not allowed to leave the base

free to travel on national holidays

free to travel on weekends

free to travel one weekend a month

(5) At Fort Polk in Louisiana, soldiers were trained in conditions that simulated



the moon


(6) In Boston, Chelsea fell in love with

an open government advocate

a high school teacher

a pro gay marriage activist

a neuroscience student

(7) The recruiter who enlisted Chelsea suggested she might be suited for work as

a truck driver

an intelligence analyst

a programmer

a cook

(8) Because he felt she was showing signs of instability, Chelsea’s supervisor recommended

psycho therapy

a special diet

anger management training

psychotropic drugs