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paired stories, second series
#1: gambling troubles
a: Gabriela Byrne
vocabulary list 2: multi-word
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"Gabriela Byrne"

Gabriela Byrne 2: multi-word items
verbs taking ‘to’-clausal object

decide to
Dick decided to phone Jane.)
tempt to
try to
want to

verbs taking 'that'-clausal object

agree that
(Jill agreed that it was the right thing to do.)
feel that
know that
prove that
realize that
think that

verbs taking ‘ing’-clausal object

stop (+ __ ing)
(Dick stopped talking to Jane.)

prepositional verbs

go to
(Dick went to Jane's house.)
have a fight with [someone]
teach about
look for

ditransitive verb taking 'to'-infinitive clausal object

ask someone to
(Dick asked Jane to lend him some money.)

phrasal verbs

get home
lose hope
go through

(Gabriela went through some terrible times because of her gambling problem.)
work on

phrasal-prepositional verbs

come out of
The gas came out of a small hole in the pipe.)
go back to

phrasal verb + 'ing'-clause

keep on [+ __ ing]
(If Harry keeps on gambling, he will lose all his money.)

verb + prepositional phrase

go for [period of time] without
(Gabriela went for a long time without gambling.)

verb + adjectival complement

feel [+ adjective]
(When she walked into the pub Gabriela felt confident.)

'set' passive

be involved in
(Sam is involved in a lot of illegal activities.)

noun + 'to'-clause

urge + 'to'-clause
As soon as she got into the pub, Gabriela felt the urge to play the pokies.)

adjective + 'that'-clause

sure [+ adjective]
Gabriela was sure that she would not be tempted.)

phrasal quantifier

less and less
(After she started gambling, Jane spent less and less time with her family.)

phrasal conjunctions

as [+ adjective +] as
(Gabriela tried as hard as she could to stay away from the poikies.)
as soon as
(As soon as she got home Gabriela began to cry and scream.)

phrasal adverbial

right away
(When Gabriela's husband saw the expression on her face, he knew right away that everything would be all right.

idiomatic noun phrase

a price to pay
(Sarah didn't realize that, in the future, there'd be a high price to pay for her careless behaviour.)