second series stories
first series stories
second series 1: gambling troubles
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Conny Munro
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Conny Munro

• The following fifteen sentences tell a story about Conny Munro, but they are not in the correct order.
• Show the correct order by putting a number from '1' to '15' in the blank to the left of each sentence .

____ So she went into a casino and lost everything.

____ Instead of using her savings, Conny decided she would try to get the money back by gambling.

____ When Conny got to the bank, it was closed.

____ After losing the money her boss had given her, Conny changed her mind about how she would repay it.

____ During that time, she spent all her savings and then she started stealing more money from the air conditioning company.

____ Conny was not sent to jail, but she was punished by being put under ‘house arrest.’

____ One day, after work, her boss gave her 800 Rand ($US 120) and asked her to put it in the company’s bank account.

____ For the next four months Conny went to a casino almost every day, but she never won enough money to pay back her boss.

____ If she lost the money, Conny thought, she could pay it back from her savings.

____ In 2002, Conny Munro was working for an air conditioning company in Cape Town, South Africa.

____ That gave her an idea.

____ She also lost her job and her boyfriend as a result of what she had done.

____ Finally she confessed to her boss that she had been robbing him.

____ She could gamble with the money and, if she won, she could pay for her children’s school fees and buy their uniforms.

____ Her boss went to the police and Conny was arrested.

the key to this exercise