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Garnet Rhyno (listening)

Garnet Rhyno: Multiple Choice Test

choose the best continuation:

(1) Garnet drove to a lonely place because:

(a) the police were trying to catch him

(b) he wanted a quiet place to think

(c) the wanted to hide some money he’d won

(d) he had decided to kill himself

(2) Garnet was

(a) 24 years old

(b) 28 years old

(c) 33 years old

(d) 39 years old

(3) Garnet started to play VLTs

(a) at work

(b) in a bar

(c) in a pizza shop

(d) in a casino

(4) VLTs have been legal in Nova Scotia since

(a) 1980

(b) 1988

(c) 1990

(d) 1994

(5) Garnet

(a) had never married

(b) had a wife but no children

(c) had a wife and children

(d) had got divorced because of his gambling

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