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Solomon Bell (listening)

Solomon Bell: Multiple Choice Test

choose the best continuation:

(1) Solomon

(a) was killed by his wife

(b) was killed by another gambler

(c) was killed by a policeman

(d) killed himself

(2)Solomon was

(a) 28 years old

(b) 38 years old

(c) 48 years old

(d) 58 years old

(3) Just before he died, Solomon was playing

(a) poker

(b) slot machines

(c) roulette

(d) blackjack

(4) After Solomon died

(a) the whole casino closed

(b) the whole casino stayed open

(c) the floor where Solomon had been playing closed and the rest of the casino stayed open

(d) the table where Solomon was playing closed but everything else stayed open

(5) At the time he died, Solomon was earning

(a) $65,000 a year

(b) $55,000 a year

(c) $75,000 a year

(d) $85,000 a year

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