Barry Greenstein cloze

♦ Having revised and reformatted two “theoretical” items about cloze texts (see the two previous Left Box entries), I felt it was a good time to rework, “Barry Greenstein,” a cloze that has been on the site for several years. (The preceding link goes to the first page of the two-page text; the second page is at: “Barry Greenstein, page 2.” Since the text was originally written as supplementary material for the paired story, Gabriela Byrne, it has been placed in the “Extras directory” for that story.)

§ As is generally the case with the material in the Extras directories, “Barry Greenstein” is available only in a “print version.” (The idea behind all the “extras” is to provide supplementary materials suitable for off-line use to enable teachers and independent students to exploit more fully the pedagogical potential of the stories.)

• “Barry Greenstein” is a multiple-choice “single-list” cloze text (as described in “About Cloze Texts”). It is long—perhaps too long to be practical for most classroom situations—but should certainly be useful for intermediate students who want out-of-class reading practice.

• The whole list of thirty-eight words is printed on both pages of the text . (This seemed like the best idea even though using just one of the lists will make it easier to mark off already-used words while doing the exercise.)

• Although the text has been re-tested and re-proofed, it would not be surprising if it still contained errors of one sort or another. I would very much appreciate being contacted by anyone who happens to find any.