suggestions for using cloze tests

• A two-page teaching guide, “Suggestions for Using Cloze Tests” formerly accessible through the old “TESL Area” directory has been reformatted and revised. (Any bookmarks for the old page should now take users directly to the new one.)

§ I wrote this guide several years ago and, while reworking it, I was struck by the fact that one of the two sections is devoted to suggestions for “Independent Students and Study Groups.” For me, this was a valuable reminder that one important purpose of is to provide material to students who are working without teachers. The idea that could be useful to such students has tended to fade from my mind over the past few years, but that is only because, so far as I know, the site is being used only by teachers and the students under their supervision. This seems like a goood time to say — emphatically — that serving independent students remains an important goal of this site; and to add that I would be happy to be contacted by any independent students who have used and also happy to receive any suggestions about how I might draw the attention of independent students and encourage them to use the material.

The “Purpose of” page in the “About” section may be relevant to the preceding comments.