♦ new Grammar Glossary entry: grammatical hierarchy + repairs to tense quiz banner links

• A new entry on “the grammatical hierarchy,” has been added to the “Grammar Glossary.” As usual it is accompanied by a references page. This entry has been preceded by five others, uploaded quite recently, on the five elements of the hierarchy: sentences, clauses, phrases, words, and morphemes.

♦ Some broken links have been repaired:
(a) From the Grammar Directory to the pdfs of the 1995, “text,” “Complex Sentences” and “about ‘Complex Sentences.’”
(b) From the Listening Directory to the “listening pages” for the “Abdul Shanwaz” and “Patrick Kinlin” stories: Abdul Shanwaz (listening); and Patrick Kinlin (listening). The stories themselves are at Abdul Shanwaz and Patrick Kinlin. (The idea behind these listening pages is to encourage the use of the audio files associated with the paired stories as independent listening exercises.)