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references for Grammar Glossary entry: “clause”

• The following sections of A Comprehensive Grammar of The English Language (Randolph Quirk, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, Jan Svartik, Longman, London & New York, 1985) were consulted in preparing this entry:

The grammatical hierarchy

2.7, 42

Clause types

2.16, 53-55

Coordination and subordination

14.1, 987

Compound and complex sentences

14.2, 987-988

Functional classes of subordinate clauses

15.2, 1047-48

Simple and multiple sentences

10.1, 719-720

Syntactic functions of subordinate clauses

15.1, 1047

Finite, non-finite, and verbless clauses

14.5, 992-3

nota bene:
1. footnote [a], 10.1, page 719, explains how, as the term is used in A Comprehensive Grammar, although a “simple sentence” cannot have another clause functioning as one of its elements, it can contain another clause “functioning within a phrase.”
2. footnote [b], ibid., explains how a technically simple sentence can, non-technically, be very complicated because of the complexity of its phrases.
3. footnote [d], 14.2, page 988, explains the difference between main and independent clauses.
4. the quoted phrase is found on page 992 of A Comprehensive Grammar.