Darlene Wagner :: multiple choice quiz

(1) A few months after the attack on Darlene, the Ontario government passed a law

that required anyone who owned a pit bull to keep it in the house

that required anyone who owned a pit bull to take it to the police

that required anyone who owned a pit bull to have it killed

that required anyone who owned a pit bull to muzzle it in public

(2) The owner of the dogs that attacked Darlene said that his dogs may have attacked

because another letter carrier had sprayed them

because one of them had recently been attacked by another dog

because Darlene was moving too quickly

because they were hungry

(3) When the attack occurred, Darlene

had just returned to work after having her first child

was just starting work as a letter carrier

had been delivering mail off and on for the past fifteen years

was getting close to retirement

(4) Darlene didn’t have her pepper spray ready as she climbed up the stairs because

she didn’t know there were any dogs in the house

she hadn’t noticed the screen door was open

she’d forgotten she had it with her

she wasn’t afraid of dogs

(5) Some people criticize the Ontario government’s law against pit bulls by saying that

there are other types of dogs that are more dangerous

the problem is not pit bulls but the people who train them to be aggressive

the law should also ban dogs that are partly pit bull

the government has no right to make any type of dog illegal

(6) While Darlene was recovering from her injuries, she went to live with

her son

her mother

her sister

her uncle

(7) The dogs jumped on Darlene after she tripped on

the sidewalk

the porch

the steps

the curb

(8) Apart from having one of her ears torn off, Darlene also

was bitten several times on her leg

twisted her knee very badly

broke her wrists

broke her nose