Fauja Singh :: vocabulary quiz

• abroad

1: group of people with the same religious beliefs

• amateur

2: put into separate areas or sections

• appeal

3: someone who plays a sport just for enjoyment; opposite of ‘professional’

• athletic

4: people trying to do better than each other in sport, or business, or life

• challenge

5: running slowly and easily (for exercise)

• charity

6: group of people living together, coooperating with each other

• community

7: connected with sport

• competiton

8: ask someone to play a game, run a race, or fight against you

• contentment

9: an organization that gives money or other things to people who need help

• image

10: something that happens before it is supposed to

• impact

11: in another country, especially one that is across a sea or ocean

• jog

12: way a person, group, or organization is seen by other people (by ‘the public’)

• meditation

13: phrase or sentence you use because it says what you believe in

• motto

14: effect (literally, the effect of one thing hitting another)

• partition

15: prevent from doing certain things, put controls on someone

• premature

16: protect something from being used up, or decaying (‘going bad’)

• preserve

17: not eating any meat

• restrict

18: attract, seem like a good thing

• sect

19: happiness, not wanting anything more

• vegetarian

20: period of quiet thinking (an activity often connected with religious belief)