flesl.net paired story — multiple choice: 2-6a (Fauja Singh)

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Multiple Choice Quiz for ‘Fauja Singh’

instructions: put a circle around the best answer.

1. The first competitions Fauja entered in London were held in connection with

(a) religious celebrations

(b) political rallies

(c) football games

(d) wedding ceremonies

2. Fauja got the idea of running a marathon

(a) when he was participating in a shorter race

(b) when he read a magazine article about the potential of old people

(c) when he had a dream about jogging to his farm in India

(d) when he saw an advertisement on television

3. Fauja’s favourite drink is

(a) bottled water

(b) goat’s milk

(c) carrot juice

(d) green tea

4. Fauja decided to restrict himself to half marathons for a while because

(a) he was feeling very weak

(b) his son was worried about him

(c) he wanted to be the oldest person ever to finish a marathon

(d) his knees were bothering him

5. Fauja was asked to run in the New York marathon because

(a) there were so few Sikhs in New York

(b) there were so many Sikhs in New York

(c) Sikhs had a good image in New York

(d) Sikhs had a poor image in New York