flesl.net paired stories: vocabulary (Felipe Arreaga)

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• New Words and Old Times: a vocabulary activity for ‘Felipe Arreaga’

(to be done at time of first reading)

• instructions for students (to be given orally)

1. before reading: read the story, “Felipe Arreaga,” carefully, looking up any words you don’t know or are uncertain of—and make a note of their meaning.

2. after reading: set the story aside and go over your word list; choose six of the words which seem particularly interesting or important. (If you don’t have six words, add some more.)

3. after choosing six words: think back over your past and, for each of the words, find some time in your past life that could be described using the word (an event or situation which the word ‘fits’).

4. finally: working with a partner or partners explain the connections between the words on your list and your past life.

• peasant
• communally
• undisturbed
• corporate
• erosion
• ravines

• revolution
• announce
• cancelled
• pollution
• wounded
• captured

• resources for teacher (sample word lists)

-the idea for this activity was found in “Vocabulary,” John Morgan and Mario Rinvolucri, Oxford University Press, 1986.