Katharine Gun :: vocabulary quiz

• baffled

1: similar

• colleague

2: someone who helps other people even though doing so is dangerous

• comparable

3: outside your own country (or coming from outside your own country)

• debate

4: government department or business where people work together

• defence

5: something that protects you, keeps you safe

• disturb

6: try to get information about your enemy without their knowing

• emotional

7: against, not in agreement with

• foreign

8: make someone worry about something because they feel it is wrong

• hatred

9: weaken an institution or a person by criticism or action

• hero

10: talking and arguing about something — often in public

• opposed

11: trying to ‘push’ an idea or product by telling people how good or useful it is

• organization

12: language or behaviour that is filled with feeling (anger, sadness, etc.)

• prevent

13: strong, bad feeling toward something, especially a person or people

• promote

14: offer a piece of writing to the public (on paper or online)

• publish

15: stop something from happening

• release

16: show (’uncover’) something that had been hidden

• reveal

17: break some rule or law

• spy

18: unable to understand something

• undermine

19: someone you work with

• violate

20: allow a person or animal to go free (from prison, etc.)