Chelsea Manning 3 :: vocabulary quiz

• affectionate

1: say (or show) that something is true

• alcoholic

2: one after the other

• appreciate

3: give as an example

• audience

4: all alone, not close to other people

• commute

5: opinion

• competition

6: travel a long distance to work every day

• confirm

7: desire to know (or learn) things

• curiosity

8: ruler with complete power and no respect for democracy or law

• design

9: teach someone to follow a particular profession or occupation

• dictator

10: feel happy about something someone has done for you, be grateful

• enlist

11: person who is addicted to liquor

• enroll in

12: plan, often with diagrams etc, something to be built or organized

• former

13: enter (join, register in, etc) a program, educational course, etc

• illustrate

14: previous

• in a row

15: residential area on the edge of a city, suburb

• isolated

16: join the armed forces (army, navy, or air force)

• outskirts

17: loving, emotionally warm

• pastime

18: athletic, academic, artistic event in which people try to win games, prizes, etc

• train

19: activity done simply for enjoyment (not work or duty); a hobby

• view

20: people who watch a performance, ceremony etc