Chelsea Manning 10: :: multiple choice quiz

(1) The Army counselor contacted by Chelsea said that she

wanted surgery but was afraid of being monstrous

was confused about whether she felt male or female

wanted surgery but was afraid of being discharged from the Army

was only pretending to be transgendered so she could get out of the Army

(2) For recreation the soldiers at FOB Hammer had

a swimming pool and a running track

a basketball court and a bowling alley

a disco and a movie theater

a workout room and an espresso bar

(3) Chelsea first heard of WikiLeaks when

she met Julian Assange in Washington

she was being trained at Fort Huachuca

another soldier at FOB Hammer told her about him

she was going to school in the UK

(4) Chelsea was punished for

being late to work

revealing secure information

damaging a computer

contacting a gender counselor

(5) Chelsea believed that the text pager messages released by WikiLeaks were

certainly not real

certainly real

very likely to be real

unlikely to be real

(6) In Iraq Chelsea was based

north of Baghdad

east of Baghdad

west of Baghdad

south of Baghdad

(7) When Chelsea flipped over a table, other soldiers

arrested her

handcuffed her

dragged her from the room

threatened her with a gun

(8) In FOB Hammer, Chelsea worked in

a private office

a skif

a tent

a tiny storage room