Chelsea Manning 10 :: vocabulary quiz

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1: exercise

• bleak

2: tiny pieces of stone covering deserts, beaches, riverbeds

• workout

3: shortened form of a word

• conscience

4: landscape or situation lacking anything pleasant or beautiful; ugly

• deteriorate

5: adjective for a person with a strange, or frightening personality or appearance

• drag

6: reveal information to public; leave something uncovered, unprotected

• expose

7: pull something or somebody over the ground or floor

• habitation

8: mixture of earth and water

• harsh

9: official position in an organized hierarchy or an ordered list

• isolated

10: permission to enter a certain area or use a particular resource

• monstrous

11: place where humans live; act of living in such a place

• mud

12: part of mind that judges a person’s own behavior, and creates failings of guilt

• abbreviation

13: furniture, often on wall, holding such things as clothes, guns, etc

• persistent

14: medical operation that involves cutting open patient’s body

• promote

15: far away from other people or places, not connected

• rack

16: adjective; of climate: difficult to survive in; of person: rough, cruel

• rank

17: raise someone to a higher level in organization (business, military, etc)

• sand

18: doing or saying the same thing over and over

• sticky

19: get worse

• surgery

20: substance that adheres to things; glue, adhesive tape, jam etc