Chelsea Manning 12: :: multiple choice quiz

(1) When Chelsea came back to the US on mid-term leave, she went straight to





(2) Chelsea was disappointed with her visit to Waltham because Tyler

was busy studying for exams

had found a new boyfriend

had changed his political ideas

was unfriendly

(3) Tyler said Chelsea was worrying about whether the good from releasing the information

would outweigh the personal harm that would be done to her

would outweigh the harm that would be done to innocent Iraqis

would outweigh the harm that would be done to her fellow soldiers

would outweigh the harm that would be done to undercover CIA agents

(4) According to the author of the text, Chelsea’s life story indicates that she is

mentally ill




(5) When Chelsea became frustrated because of Tyler’s response to her hypothetical questions

she began talking to David House

she started to cry

she decided to drop the subject

she accused Tyler of deserting her

(6) Chelsea hoped that by releasing the SIGACTs she would encourage Americans to

rebel against their government

fight more courageously in Iraq

reconsider the need for counter-terrorism operations

protest on the streets of American cities

(7) Chelsea felt that the methods of the US Army in Iraq were leading to

freedom and democracy for Iraqis

better understanding between Americans and Iraqis

hatred between Iraqis and Americans

World War Three

(8) After uploading the SIGACTs to Wikileaks, Chelsea felt