Chelsea Manning 5 :: multiple choice quiz

(1) In the London suicide bombings of July, 2005

only three people died

just over fifty people died

no one died

just over one hundred people died

(2) When Chelsea was on a school camping trip, her classmates

pulled down her tent in the middle of the night

accused her of being gay

teased her about her size

sneaked away in the night

(3) One of the software projects Chelsea worked on at Tasker Milward was

an animation app

an open source word processor

a blog creation tool

a platform for uploading and selling music

(4) In 2001 Chelsea and her mother moved to





(5) According to Chelsea’s friend, James Kirkpatrick, Chelsea

told everyone at Tasker Milward she was gay

told no one at Tasker Milward she was gay

told only a few close friends at Tasker Milward she was gay

campaigned against gay marriage while she was at Tasker Milward

(6) Chelsea phoned her father because

she wanted him to help her return to Oklahoma

she wanted to talk to him about her mother’s health

she wanted him to help her buy a new computer

she wanted him to send her money so she could go to university in Wales

(7) In Chelsea’s opinion the Americans and the British attacked Iraq because

they wanted oil and revenge

they believed that God had told them to do so

they wanted to prevent the spread of Communism

they wanted to encourage the practice of democracy

(8) In a Christmas show at Tasker Milward, Chelseq

sang the American national anthem in Russian

dressed in girl’s clothes and flirted with boys

participated in a comic debate on American foreign policy

took off her clothes on stage