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#10: slavery today
b: Katharine Gun
vocabulary list 2: multi-word
vocabulary list #1
"Katharine Gun"

Katharine Gunn: 'multi-word' vocabulary

adjective phrases

opposed to + ["ing" clause]
Jill was strongly opposed to moving the office to the suburbs.

afraid of + ["ing"- clause]
Jack was afraid of sleeping in, so he asked Harry to phone him at six o'clock

unwilling + ["to"-infinitive clause]
Even after the story had been published in the newspaper, Harry was unwilling to admit he had done anything wrong.

clausal verbs

be against
Jane has always been against the war.

go to war
When the US went to war against Iraq, Harry wrote a letter to the president.

commit a crime
Tom angrily told Sam that if he committed a crime, he would soon be in jail.

release [someone] on bail
Harry spent a week in jail before he went to court and was released on bail.

call [someone] in for questioning
Because of what her neighbours had told them, the police called Sarah in for questioning.

ask [someone] a question about [something]
When Tom interviewed Dinah, he asked her a lot of quesitons about her past.

spend ["time" (or "time-phrase")]
Sam thinks he has been spending too much time in front of his computer recently.
Sam spent eighteen hours in front of his computer yesterday.

drop all charges against [someone]
As soon as they received the laboratory report, the police dropped all charges against Dinah

ditransitive prepositional verbs

persuade [someone]+ "to"-infinitive clause
Harry persuaded Jill to stay overnight.

join [someone] in + ["ing"-clause]
Sarah decided to join the others in congratulating Harry and Jill.

charge [someone] with [a crime]
The next morning Harry told Tom that the police had arrested him and charged him with drunken driving.

stop [someone] from + ["ing"-clause]
Sarah stopped Harry from writing another letter to Jane.

force [someone] + ["to"-clause]
Tom, Dick, and Harry forced Jack to leave the company.

intransitive phrasal verb

grow up
Jane grew up in Canada, but she moved to India when she graduated from university.

prepositional verb

spy (on) [someone]
Harry didn't want to spy on his neighbours.

get [someone] ["to"- infinitive]
Sarah got Sam to help her with her computer.

set prepositional phrases

at that time
Jack arrived in Brazil in 1991. At that time, Jill was still a student.

in jail
While she was in jail, Dinah spent a lot of time thinking about the mistakes she had made.

in the eyes of [someone]
In the eyes of his friends, Harry was a hero even though he was in jail.

transitive phrasal verb (separable)

take over
Jane spent all morning answering phone calls from students. When she went for lunch, Harry took the job over.

transitive prepositional verb

spy on [someone]
Harry didn't want to spy on his neighbours.

transitive verb with "to"-infinitive object

promise + ["to"- infinitive clause]
Sarah promised to have the report ready by Monday morning.

decide + ["to"- infinitive clause]
Jack and Jill decided to spend the morning in bed.

plan + ["to"- infinitive clause]
Dick and Jane are planning to go to Nepal for their vacation.

refuse + ["to"-infinitive clause]
Harry refused to give Dick an extra day off.

transitive verb taking 'that'-clause

realize + ['that'-clause]
Tom realized that he had hurt Dinah's feelings, so he quickly apologized.

argue + ['that'-clause]
Harry's lawyer argued that he only seemed to be drunk because of the medicine he was taking.

demand + ["that"-clause] + base form
After Sam appeared on television, Harry got several angry letters demanding that he apologize.

show + ['that'-clause]
Harry's lawyer said that the letter showed that he had done nothing wrong.