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#1: gambling troubles
b: Clint Van Loggenberg
vocabulary list 2: multi-word
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clint van loggenberg, list #1

Clint Van Loggenberg 2: multi-word items
verbs taking ‘to’-clausal object

afford to
(Jane could not afford to buy a plane.)
demand to
decide to
attempt to

verbs taking ‘ing’-clausal object

risk (+ ing)
(When he went to the police, Dick risked being arrested.)

prepositional verbs

complain about
(Jill complains constantly about Jack's pet snake.)
worry about
think about
talk to
deal with

ditransitive prepositional verb

apologize to [someone] for [something]
(Tom apologized to Harry for waking him up in the middle of the night.)

phrasal verbs

crowd around
(When Sam finished his speech, everyone crowded around him and started asking questions.)
go through
put on
put onto

phrasal-prepositional verb

run up to
(Suddenly Dinah ran up to Jane and whispered something in her ear.)

adjectives + preposition

different from
(Jack's memory of what happened is different from Jane's.)
difficult to
happy about

phrasal quantifier

lots of
(Tom believed Harry when he said there was lots of beer in the fridge.)
at all

set passives

be born
(Sam was happy to learn he was born in the same month as Dinah.)
be supposed to

phrasal adjunct

for a while
(Jill told Jack she'd be back in a while.)

phrasal disjunct

in [someone’s] opinion
(In my opinion, trying to help a lazy person like Harry is a waste of time.)
according to [someone or something]

phrasal conjunct

as a result
(Dick's plane was delayed by three hours. As a result, Jill didn't go to the airport until after supper.)

set noun phrase

the end of the matter
(Sam apologized to Dinah for what he had said and took her out to supper. That was the end of the matter.)