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#2: slavery today
a: Francis Bok
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"Francis Bok"

Francis Bok: multi-word items
set passive with ‘to’-clause

determined to
(Dick was determined to find a better job.)

verb taking 'to'-infinitive clausal object

try to
(Dick tried to help Jill find Jack.)
struggle to
(Harry struggled to improve his French but he made very little progress.)
attempt to
(Dick attempted to help Jill find Jack.)
manage to
(Finally, Dick managed to find Jack.)

ditransitive verbs taking 'to'-infinitive clausal object

allow [a person] to
(Dick allowed Jack to use his car.)
trust [a person] to
(Jack trusted Jane to keep the secret.)
force [a person] to
(Harry forced Jane to get under the bed.)
urge [a person] to
(Harry urged Dick to go back to university.)

prepositional verbs

rush into/to
(Tom rushed into the meeting just before it began.) (Dick asked Jane to get ready for the party. He said he didn't want to be rushing at the last minute)
complain about
(Jane told Jill that while they were on holiday, Dick complained about the food at every meal.) (Jill told Jane that while she was on holiday with Jack, he was always complaining about her sleeping all morning.)

ditransitive prepositional verbs

point [a thing] at [person or thing]
(Harry pointed his finger at Jack and told him to leave.)
divide [a thing] between [persons]
(Tom, Dick, and Harry divided the money between themselves.)
scold [a person] for [behaviour]
Jane scolded Dick for being late.)

set prepositional phrases

on foot
on horseback
(Jane and Jill began the trip on horseback but when they got to the mountains they had to leave the horses behind and continue on foot.)
to [a person's] surprise
(To his surprise, Dick found out that Harry had been lying to him.)

compound adjective

left over
(During the next few days Jane ate all the food that was left over from the party.)
(When he finished building the garage, Jack used the left over wood in his fireplace.)

clausal verb

put [a person] to work ['ing' clause]
(Jane arrived early for the party so Dick put her to work making sandwiches.)
have the power to [do something]
(Ordinary people like Tom, Dick, and Harry don't have the power to change the world.)
do a good job of ['ing' clause]
(Tom promised Harry he would do a good job of looking after his garden.)

phrasal verbs

cut off
(Sarah noticed a thread hanging from her skirt, so she cut it off.) (Sarah cut off the thread that was hanging from her skirt.)
tie up
(Before Dick and Jane arrived Jack tied up his dog Rover. Later, Dick asked him why he had tied Rover up.)