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"Michael Allen Lee"

Michael Allen Lee: multi-word list
prepositional verb

agree to [noun phrase]
Tom, Dick, and Harry agreed to a time for their meeting.

ditransitive verbs taking 'to'-infinitive clausal object

hire [someone] ['to'-infinitive clause]
Tom hired Harry to help him on the farm.

clausal verbs
send [someone] to jail [for a period of time]
{The judge sent Sarah to jail for three months.)
make good money
(Sarah was making good money before she went to jail. )
keep [someone] captive
(The kidnappers kept Jane captive, but they let Dick go.)
make a complaint
(Jill was so unhappy with the service she decided to make a complaint.)
go to work for [someone]
(When Jill lost her job with Jane she went to work for Harry.)
have an idea/no idea (of) [noun phrase]
(Dinah said she had no idea of what had happened to Sam.) (Sarah had an idea that Harry would be late for work in the morning.)
put someone on trial for [a crime]
(Because she was insane, Dinah was never put on trial for Sam's murder.)

prepositional verb

agree to [noun phrase]
(After a long discussion, Sarah and Tom agreed to a new schedule for their meetings.)

phrasal verb (separable)

hold down
(Harry asked Tom to hold down the string while he tied a knot, so Tom held it down.)

phrasal/prepositional verb

come out of
(A terrible smelll came out of the room when Jill opened the door.) (Jack squeezed the tube, but nothing came out.)

verb taking 'to'-infinitive clausal object

refuse ['to'- infinitive clause]
(Jane refused to tell Dick why she had fired Jill.)

ditransitive prepositional verbs

convict [someone] of [a crime]
(Tom read in the newspaper that Sarah had been convicted of drunken driving.)
provide [someone] with [something]
Jill provided Jack with a lot of information about Harry's early life.)
deduct [amount] from [something]
(Jane asked Harry why he had deducted income tax from her paycheck.)
tempt [someone] with [something]
(Harry tried to tempt Jill with an offer of a free trip to Italy.)
wash [something] off [something]
(Jill tried to wash the wine stains off the carpet before Jack arrived.)
wipe [something] off [something]
(Before he went into Harry's office, Dick stopped and wiped the sweat off his forehead.)
pay [someone] for [something]
(Sarah told Dick that Harry had never paid her for writing the report.)
pay [someone] in [something]
(Jane worked in the US for six months but the company paid her in Euros.)
charge [someone] for [something]
(Jill thought Harry charged her too much for his work.)
charge [someone] with [a crime]
(When they found Sam's body the police charged Dinah with murder.)

set prepositional phrases

on the way
(On the way to the beach, Dick and Jane stopped for lunch at a restaurant.)

adjective phrase

- hard/easy ['to'-infinitive]
(Jane told Jack it was hard to learn the Chinese characters, but very easy to forget them.)

noun phrase

all day
(Sarah quit at noon. She said she would die if she stayed out in the sun all day.)

set passive

be born

(Harry was born before Dick and Dick was born before Harry.) (Sarah was born in Beijing and Jill was born in Cairo.)