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paired stories, second series
#3: extreme adventures
a: Eric Weihenmayer
vocabulary list 2: multi-word
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Eric Weihenmayer: multi-word list
prepositional verb

lead to [negative situation]
apply to

verbs taking 'to'-infinitive clausal object

begin to
try to
apply to

clausal verbs

find {your} (own) way
fall asleep
make a trip
take [time]
go blind
do {your} job
spend [time]
lose {your} sight
go to university
give [someone] an advantage

phrasal verb (inseparable)

get into [activity]
go up
grow up
look after

phrasal verb (separable)

take off
take up
set up

phrasal/prepositional verb

ditransitive prepositional verbs

prepositional phrases

by far the [superlative adjective]
in other words
by the time

adjective phrase

impossible for

noun phrase

sense of hearing/touch/smell/taste
opportunity for [something]

adverbial phrase

back and forth
as a result

quantifying phrase

next few
so many
plenty of

set passive

get used to

compound nouns

summer camp
rock climbing
high school
Bachelor's degree
Master's degree
primary school