about the beginners' versions

about the beginners' versions

In the beginners' versions, the vocabulary has been kept as basic as possible. Almost all the words used appear in the "flesl.net list of basic English content words" or the "flesl.net list of basic English function words."

In each story, a few necessary words not on either one of the lists have been used.

Both the lists are entirely based on the stories. That is to say, the words on the lists are there because they were used in the stories. There are many basic words— "bird" for example — that do not appear on the content list just because they do not happen to appear in the stories.

The main purpose of the lists is to provide a record and a study guide for students and teachers who are actually working with the stories. They are not meant to be used independently of the stories — although no harm would come from using them in that way.

There are words on the content list that may seem not simple enough, or common enough to count as basic — "ambulance," for example, or "condition," or "government." They are there because, first, they were required in order to tell one of the stories in a clear, direct way and, second, because, even if they are not quite "basic," they are common and useful.

Some details have been left out of the beginners' versions and they are therefore somewhat shorter than the original versions.

In the near future, the few non-basic words used in the beginners' versions will be briefly defined at the beginning of the stories.

fl (06.11.09)